What you need to know about Maqui Berry

What you need to know about Maqui Berry - Cover Photo


There is so much hype these days in social media and on television about new miracle supplements that make unbelievable claims about superior health benefits. As a woman and mom of five my health is not only important for me but my family as well, so I have been caught up in the wheel of weight loss supplements and magic pills to increase energy naturally. With the economy the way it is and having a large family, I couldn’t afford to sink a fortune into sampling these products which largely fail at the claims that they so often boast. I had pretty much given up on finding something that was right for me without breaking the bank.

I was juggling a cup of coffee and making school lunches one morning while watching the news and saw a story about a revolutionary berry that a doctor discovered in Chile and had researched for years. That got my attention right away. It was at least worth watching if it had been tested medically in my mind. That was when I first started hearing the buzz about the maqui berry.


The Buzz about the Maqui Berry

I learned that this little miracle berry was only found in the Patagonia mountain region of Chile in the hillsides. It is harvested by an indigenous tribe called the Mapuche. They literally pick it form the hillsides because it’s so plentiful there! Doctor Juan Hancke discovered them years ago near Lake Maihue and saw that the Mapuche consumed the berries daily. The fact that they were so healthy and exuded vitality and energy was enough to warrant extensive research into the benefit of the maqui berry.

I wondered if all this was true, why the rest of the world wasn’t privy to this. I was still skeptical, but decided to do some research of my own on the internet. Between carpools and diaper changes, I needed all the help I could get. Five kids is a handful and I was lacking the energy and drive I needed to get me through the days. Not to mention there was the dreaded weight I had gained after each subsequent pregnancy that seemed to never really go away. The maqui berry was famed for increasing energy and helping to knock off those pesky baby pounds that so many of us women struggle with for years. I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that the maqui berry has benefits beyond short term fixes like weight loss and increasing energy. The more I dug into the maqui berry and it’s seemingly magic effects, the more I became interested.

I even mentioned it in a moms group I am a part of and was astounded to find that I was not alone in my discovery of the maqui berry. A couple of the women from the group had not only heard of it but had bought it themselves, tried it and said Maqui Berry worked. They boasted of the benefits of energy from the start! They raved about how they got through the day with energy to spare, even after a super busy day of kids and works under their belts. One mom even bragged of her substantial and simple weight loss in a matter of weeks after starting! I was astounded and getting excited about the prospect of purchasing some. I was worried about the cost, but the other ladies assured me it was very affordable, especially compared to all the supplements that are flooding the market. The cheaper price is a direct result of the abundance of the maqui berry bushes and how easily they are picked.


What Does The Maqui Berry Do For Your Body?

I wanted to do just a tad more research into all the health benefits the maqui berry possesses before making the commitment to buy. Not that I was a strict health nut that mulled over everything I put in my body religiously, but with all the side effects that seem to pop up so many times months or years after a product is released to the mass market, it’s smart to know as much as you can.

The maqui berry is known for it’s vibrant purple hue that comes from it’s pigment. This is what’s so beneficial for our bodies. The purple pigment is due to the anthocyanins which are rich in antioxidants. The unusually high amount in maqui berry makes it useful as a great anti-inflammatory which can help with degenerative diseases. This includes anything from arthritis, and diabetes, to cardiovascular disease. This was of importance to me because heart disease runs in my family. I also learned that it has been helpful in suppressing the growth of colon cancer cells! With that many amazing benefits in the maqui berry, I’d actually be crazy not to try it.


Finally Trying Maqui Berry For Real.

It was a no brainer for me at that point so I ordered it and began reaping the benefits of maqui berry within the first day! I felt more focused and alert as well as had enough sustained energy to do loads of laundry and catch up on some much needed organizing. It felt so great to be able to keep up with my two year old and six month old all day and even having energy to take them to the park. My husband was pleasantly surprised when I had dinner ready and homework done and still had a smile on my face and didn’t look wiped out.

It didn’t stop there either. Within a few weeks I began to notice my pants fitting better. Let’s face it ladies, we all have those pants in our closets that we practically paint ourselves into and are reluctant to get rid of. They pulled up and buttoned effortlessly! I could feel my hips when I put my hands on them to discipline a kid, which just made me happier and want to stick to my new magic potion. My husband even began to notice I was shrinking when he would put his arms around me to hug me. I was losing not only stubborn belly fat, but fat that had built up in all those pesky places like my back and arms. It was a great feeling!


Is It Easy To Get Maqui Berry?

I was really concerned that I would have to call and order maqui berry through an infomercial, and we all know what a pain that can be. They try and rope you into a long line of other products, anything to get your money. That wasn’t something I was willing to go through.

I was excited to find I could simply go online and conveniently place my order! It was quick and easy, not to mention very affordable. I had my maqui berry product in no time to enjoy and see results. It’s a no brainer. Click here to order and be amazed at what maqui berry can do for you.

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